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Meet Sherry Lynne

Sherry Lynne


Sherry L. Moore is a single, tenacious professional,

yet is fun, trustworthy and loyal who brings a “can-do”

attitude to any task she is given. She works smart and hard

to accomplish whatever objective given or whatever mission

she voluntarily undertakes.

She received her first Bachelor of Arts degree in

Spanish and Paralegal studies at Southern Illinois

University and the University of Cincinnati and has served

as a Paralegal in both public and private sectors as well

as having worked for the American Red Cross and the Angeles

Girls Scout Council in Los Angeles, CA. .

She has produced corporate commercials and videos,

trained corporate and not for profit Directors and Program

Managers in team building, strategic planning and conflict

transformation; and worked as a Trainer at Harvard

University for the Association for Case Teaching’s Summer

Institute on the Case Teaching method.

Holding a second Bachelor of Arts in Communication

from Mercer University, she then went on to earn a Master

of Arts in Creative Writing and began instructing at a

State University as an Instructor of Communications and

English for 5 1⁄2 years. Her plan is to continue using her

writing and speaking abilities to assist in navigating

people through the ACA as an advocate for healthcare

insurance for all who qualify.