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Creative thinker and writer offering ghost writing, novel writing, screenwriting, editing, health, yes health, and pop culture thinking and writing ideas. We also assist in  entrepreneurial, business, ideas advice. If you can think it, we can assist with fine-tuning it.

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"Ever since Anne Bancroft set the screen on fire in the movie The Graduate, our culture has had a fascination with cougars. Defined as a women, usually in her 40's or older, who pursues sexual relationships with significantly, younger men, the "cougar" inspires, excitement, and derision. M.A.R.E.S.: Mature, Attractive, Respectable, Even-Tempered, Single, Professional, Ladies Over Forty, works to re-claim and rebuild the over 40 female reputation."

- Clarion-Forward Reviews: Claire Foster (May 19, 2017)

"We have all heard the term cougars, meaning 40+ women seeking the attention of younger men through sexual aggression.  In this book, Sherry Lynne suggests there are similarly aged women whose qualities can attract men in a maturely appealing manner...Along with anecdotes, the author supports her premise with quotes from Web MD, USA Today, and books that discuss older women/younger man relationship."

- blueink Review: May , 2017

"A debut author turns the cougar stereotype on its head...What Lynne has written isn't a simple dating guide.  Rather than tips on how to meet members of the opposite sex, the volume offers  the author's thoughts on how women can become comfortable and confident in their own skin."

- Kirkus Review: February 16, 2017

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